Digital Scrapbooking with Printed Photos: From Photo Box to Photo Book


Ready to take on the challenge?

Before digital cameras and smart phones took over the world of photography, most of us captured our little and large life moments on film. Moments that were then sent off to a retail outlet to be converted into paper prints and finally stored in albums on a shelf or boxes in the attic or basement.


I ❤ these retro photo albums.

A few years into the turn of this century, I had one of those rather large life moments – my wedding.  While digital cameras were starting to gain some momentum among the curious and adventurous, at that time most of my guests came equipped with their trusted film cameras.  At our reception, we opted out of having a professional photographer present and instead supplied our guests with a dozen disposable cameras.  What resulted was some of the funniest, sweetest and most awesomely candid photos of the people we cared for most. In the months following our wedding, photos our guests had taken with their own cameras started to trickle in. I happily combined these with the reception photos we had developed and stored in several boxes, with when-I-get-the-time plans to place these photos in an album.


One of said boxes.

Then life got really busy (as life tends to do).  We went from newlyweds to new home owners to new parents.  We moved from film to digital, from paper prints to .jpg images, and from photo albums to slideshows and digital scrapbook layouts.

Nearly 13 years later, in the summer of 2015, this same stack of photos still sat in the same boxes, no album in sight and truthfully, no burning desire to track one down in the retail world.

It was time to put on my digital scrapper work helmet and set a goal, once and for all, to get these photos digitally scrapped in an album of layouts before the end of the summer.

Armed with my HP Scanjet G3110 scanner, I sifted through the stack of photos, selected the best of the best, rolled up my sleeves and started scanning. Once I had these in digital format it became ever so obvious that a reasonable amount of effort (via Photoshop Elements 9) would be needed to get these photos ready for digital scrapping.  While some of the photos were in pretty good shape post-scanning, most had a whole lot of not so awesome quirks in common – poor lighting, poor colour and a whole lot of photo dust and noise.


A very small sampling of the photo stack.

I’m happy to announce that this little adventure in archiving has a happy ending. The photos turned out great, the pages are scrapped and I am now finally the very proud owner of a digitally created photo book (my very first, I might add).



As you can imagine, I gained a ton of trial and error learning through this month-long process which I will share with you in the next two blog posts.  On Monday I’ll share some tips and tricks I picked up on how I made the best out of some of the worst of my printed photos. Later that week I’ll show you how I used Photoshop Elements 9 and Lightroom 4.4 to turn a couple of just okay printed photos into two of my favourite layouts in this album (one I used as the cover).


My photo book cover

This adventure also inspired my latest pack – Still Life Collection: First Draft 12×12 Album. This album comes with 1 versatile blank page + 15 windowed .png quick pages (with attached drop shadows) ready to showcase all of your favourite photos! Lightly inked and doodled, this album is especially ideal for showing off smaller sized photos and offers plenty of white space for journaling, quotes and titles.



Right now the Still Life Collection: First Draft 12×12 Album is 30% off, but just for my blog visitors I have special treat – a $2 off coupon to be used on this album or any other product in my shoppe.

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Meet you back here on Monday!



4 thoughts on “Digital Scrapbooking with Printed Photos: From Photo Box to Photo Book

  1. Ona B. says:

    Thanks Joanne for the inspiration to dive into my own TONS of photos in boxes! LOL! Mine are mainly of my children growing up during the 70’s and 80’s and I have been wanting to get them all into an album of some sort! Time to dust off the scanner!! Your album looks amazing by the way! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lee Hawkins says:

    So perfectly simply, honest, and REAL! This is what I would want to do when I (finally) get around to scrapping my own wedding photos. Btw, “somebody” shared your album cover in the Standing O’s….

    Liked by 1 person

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