Project Recipe Book: Frightening Fare Edition

Back in 2013 I had this idea to start scrapping some of my favourite recipes. The plan was to create a book filled with layouts celebrating recipes from my childhood, favourite recipes from the holidays and special occasions, and recipes that I’ve collected as souvenirs from our family travels.

Not only would this book house great memories that could be passed onto my kids and other family members, but I would finally have an organized, one stop place to find the recipes I still needed and used.

A solid plan with good intentions that unfortunately stalled after about five layouts:


Five lonely recipe layouts.

Well, that great plan has happily returned and now I am confident I have an even better way to get this project complete. Like many commercial cookbooks, my new plan is to place the focus on the recipe, with simplified designs and photos, using as little as possible to tell a big story. A kind-of, sort-of minimalist approach.  BUT (big big but) I still love a little mess, so this book will need to have plenty of that – just not on every page.

I’ve named this plan Project Recipe Book and this post is its inaugural launch. I will be updating this blog with many of the recipes I add to it in the hopes that some of you might be inspired to join in the fun with your own recipe pages!


Project Recipe Book Begins!

This week I’ll show you how I’ve started to put this plan into action with a handful of recipes that I’ve made for my family for years. While the recipes are my own, their interesting presentation was inspired by pictures I’ve seen all over Pinterest and Google after plugging in the search terms spooky food. Sometimes cute, sometimes gross – I’d like to say all this extra effort is for the kids, but not surprisingly, the grownups in my life seem to have the most fun with this food. 🙂

For this set of recipe pages I used two new products from my shoppe:

JBriseboisBooPSElementPack600 JBriseboisSLCFD12AlbumPack600

In my last few blog posts, I showed you how I used the Still Life Collection: First Draft 12×12 Album to scrap printed photos from my wedding.


Still Life Collection: First Draft 12×12 Album

This coming week you’ll see how I adapted pages from this same album to scrap some unsavoury looking food using elements from my newest design – Boo Painted Shapes Element Pack. You can grab this pack here for 50% off (that’s only $1 – this week only)!


See you tomorrow!



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