Children’s Art Album: Art Imitating Life


When we take a moment to step away from our natural reaction to ooh and aw at those adorable little crayon circles and lines, we see that children’s art can be so much more than art for art’s sake. Behind some of those colourful masterpieces, there is often a much bigger story that gives us a peek into the world of the artist.

The following layouts hope to inspired you to reach beyond the art piece to find photos and stories that can help tell the story of the artist and how he or she sees their world.

Etretat 2 & Etretat 4 by Madi

Etretat-2 copy

This beautiful set of layouts posted by Madi instantly caught my attention.  Along with the art piece, she also added photos of the artist interacting with the actual scenery he had carefully and wonderfully illustrated.  On these pages we see the colours and shapes that inspired him most, and we get a little glimpse into the beauty he sees in the world around him.  I love how these pages celebrate the artist, the inspiration and the gorgeous drawing that came out of this adventure!

Life = Art


In the same year my daughter would take on the role of big sister, some of her family drawings started to reflect my growing baby bump.  This particular illustration was one she had made on a Mother’s Day card that she gave to me shortly before my son was born. When I scanned this illustration, my initial plan was to fit this into the Family category of my daughter’s art album.

That was until I saw Madi’s Etretat layouts and her inspiring way of showcasing the theme of art reflecting real life.  I was immediately moved to search through my digital file folders looking for photos that would add to the story behind the art. This was more than just a sweet mother-daughter illustration, but something that revealed how much my daughter’s world and the people she loved were changing in a big way all around her.

Ma Famille (Detail)


My son made one of his very first illustrated appearances in this family portrait my daughter created for a back-to-school assignment.  What as parents we considered a cute, but functional solution to the cooling Fall weather, this little polar bear onesie had also made a very big impression on my daughter. Still adjusting to sharing her home and parents with this rather noisy miniature person (haha), her adorable and spot-on illustrations of her baby brother gave us a little glimpse into her evolving love and acceptance of him into our family.

Paw-blo Picasso


From functional sweaters and winter booties, to the decidedly non-functional Santa hats and a bumblebee costume, my daughter has shared most of her childhood with an extended family of very stylish dogs.  When these fashionable dog illustrations started to crop up in several of her school notebooks, it was fairly clear (and funny) where this inspiration had come from.  A quick search in a photo folder from 2010 (the same year these illustrations were made) revealed this adorable photo of my sister’s dog that I couldn’t resist adding to this art page!

For all of the pages in my daughter’s art album I used two products from my shoppe:

JBriseboisSLCAH12AlbumPack6001 JBriseboisSLCCSEPack600

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More layout inspiration is coming in my next post! 🙂


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