Children’s Art Album: Art Adventures


Along with capturing the masterpieces your children create, you may also want to make a little space in your art album to showcase some of their art adventures.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • visits to art shows, galleries or museums
  • meet-and-greets with artists
  • viewing of street art, outdoor sculpture exhibitions or architecture.
  • art classes or group art projects they have taken part in (with family, friends, clubs, school, camp)
  • collections, showcases or showings of their own art at home, school, clubs, camps, and extended family’s homes.

The following layouts are some of the art adventures I have included in my daughter’s art album.

Museum & Street Art Gallery Visits

Masters1_JBrisebois600  BerlinWall_JBrisebois600

As a teenager I had a very big wish to one day see many of the paintings and sculptures I had studied in my high school art classes and textbooks.  Not surprisingly, visits to art museums have become essential stops on our family travels.

The layout on the left is one of the Louvre’s endless treasures – Madame Recamier by French painter Jacques-Louis David.  While my daughter was too young to understand the significance of the art she viewed at the Louvre and at other museums, I’m certain these early experiences helped shape her current appreciation for art and art styles.

On the right, I scrapped photos I had taken of my daughter interacting with the incredible art from the East Side Gallery (part of the Berlin Wall).  What I love most about this visit is that it gave her a chance to see and experience, up close, historically significant art outside the museum setting.

Travel Inspiration


A trip to Japan back in 2009 made a lasting impact on my daughter’s art.  To this day, the art she creates is heavily influenced by manga and kawaii.  I wanted to include layouts in my daughter’s art album that showed where this inspiration started.

As a bonus, the photos in the top right layout were also taken by my daughter with an old point-and-shoot camera we had given her to use for the trip.  I adore seeing Japan from her perspective, in both her photos and her later art.

Art Show


For several years my daughter participated in various local art classes for children.  At the end of some of these classes there was often a public showcase of the art the children created.  We were so proud of her and she was so excited to see her art in a gallery.

I have another layout (not finished) of a photo I had taken of a collage of drawings my daughter had made during a very long road trip.  An “art show” of sorts, though less formal, but no less special and a wonderful memory I will be adding to her art album.

For all of the pages in my daughter’s art album I used two products from my shoppe:

JBriseboisSLCAH12AlbumPack6001 JBriseboisSLCCSEPack600

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More layout inspiration that focuses on the artist – in my next post! 🙂


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