Children’s Art Album: About the Artist + Pop Art Mini Tutorial


An art album isn’t complete without a page or two devoted to showing who the artist was and/or is right now.  Here are a few layouts from my daughter’s art album that tell a story of who she was and is as both an artist and a person.

Artist at Work

Browsing through my file folders I found many photos I had taken of my daughter creating all sorts of little masterpieces.  This artist-at-work layout really shows what I like most about using the thematic approach to this album.  From building a block tower as a toddler to creating art in an art studio as a pre-teen, I adore seeing nearly a decade of my daughter’s creativity represented on a single page.



School journals and assignments were a goldmine for nabbing most of my daughter’s self-portraits. This themed series of layouts focusing on self-portraits was so much fun to put together.  As a proud mama, I’m amazed to see how much my daughter’s art has changed over what feels like a short time period.  The best part about this series of layouts, though, is really getting a picture of how she viewed herself at the different stages of her life.


While I was scrapping the layouts for this series, I asked my daughter to create a self-portrait using any medium of her choice.  I took her photo and gave it to her as a reference.  Within an hour she had created this incredible self-portrait using MS Paint. One of the benefits of her using a computer based program to draw with is that I was able to capture and scrap her artistic process in stages.  These two layouts are, hands down, my favourite in the whole album.


About the Artist

An All About the Artist page is an absolute must in an art album. Along with showcasing this series of photos, I wanted this layout to reflect who my daughter is right now – so I asked her to write her own mini biography. I love that the journaling on this page is told from my daughter’s perspective, in her own words.


Pop Art Mini Tutorial

Want to replicate this simple, fast and easy pop art inspired style?

Here’s how to do it:

Take a photo or series of photos with the subject in front of a white or light coloured solid background.

Convert these photos into black & white (I used Adobe Lightroom 4.4) and then intensify the contrast.


Create a strong contrast within your black & white photos

In your photo editing program (I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 9), choose a bright colour palate then place a solid block of each of these colours in the layers above the black & white photos.  The colour blocks should be the same size as the photos.


Colour blocks are on the layers above the black & white photos

In your layers palate, select one of the blending modes to blend the colour block into the black & white photo. The blending mode is applied directly to the colour block.  I used multiply and then reduced the opacity of the colour block to 85%.


blending mode is applied to the colour block

Repeat this for all of your photos and you’re done!

For all of the pages in my daughter’s art album I used two products from my shoppe:

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