Valentine’s Day: Plan A

With less than a month until Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to ask yourself the age old question:


The person who continues to answer this question for me is, of course, my dear husband.  And it is at this time, every year, that I start to dream up various fabulous and creative gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, and then promptly, and rather unconsciously, set those brilliant ideas aside as work, kids and the Real Housewives of Wherever all compete to fill up my dance card.

Not this year, though, thanks to Plan A.  The plan I had for this year’s gift was simple, fun and totally worth any amount of time it required to get it done.  The idea?  To doodle all over my darling’s lovely face.  Yes, I know how horribly that reads, but you’ll see what I mean. 😉


After this element pack was designed I headed over to my photo studio (aka my living room) and spent about 10 minutes instructing my dearest to make a bunch of goofy faces for the camera.  I then spent one single evening (true story) putting Plan A into action.

The result – a 21 page album filled with photos, crayon doodles and text featuring really, really cheesy pick-up lines (the best part, really haha).

At this very moment the digital files for this album are sitting in a virtual queue waiting to be printed and bound into a 6×6 photo book that I will happily post for you after the big day.  Until then, here’s a little sneak peek at some of the pages I created for this album:



Before I finally settled on the 6×6 photo book (a 40% off sale helped seal that deal), I test printed a couple pages and placed them in a 4×4 We R Memory Keepers Instagram Album.  I loved how it looked, but during this process I was inspired to use the album for another project (more about that project in the near future).


If, by chance, my photo book does not arrive in time, I also created two 5×7 cards (aka Plan B, because you just never know), one of which can easily serve as a stand in.



For all of the projects featured on this page I used two products from my shoppe:

You can grab the Photo Doodles Volume 1 Element Pack here for 20% off and the Little Wish Paper Pack right here. 🙂



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