Project Album: Be Inspired by One Word


A few years ago I recall some media buzz around the idea of choosing one word to help create a personal goal or positive mindset for the upcoming new year.  It was a word that was meant to inspire you to take on and even reach various goals, hopes or dreams for that year.

This year I have embraced the spirit of that inspiring idea and applied it to a very special project I have wanted to take on for many years.

As much as I adore creating layouts that celebrate my current collection of photos and memories, I have always been drawn to my family’s old photo albums, often finding a way to insert one of those photos into a layout that connects the past to the present.

(View the credits and journaling for Scottish Kit here and Connected here)

This special project will not only showcase memories and photos from the present and recent past (such as baby photos of my kiddos, where has the time gone? lol), but it will also feature generations of photos taken from albums belonging to both my husband’s family and to mine.

All of these layouts will be connected by one common element – my word for this project:


Background paper is from my Vintage Album Collection: In Summery Kit & Paper Pack

As you can imagine, this is going to be a fairly large undertaking, so I’m giving myself the rest of this year to pull it off.  When it’s finally completed, it will be send off to be professionally bound into a 12×12 inch hardcover photo book, much like the wedding album I completed last fall and a Christmas album I just picked up (and will show off on this blog soon).


A sampling of the first set of layouts I have created for this album.

Having started this project a few weeks ago, I have already noticed some interesting themes emerging, many of which I will feature in blog posts in the upcoming months as this album unfolds.

One obvious theme that I had already had in mind when selecting my word, is travel.  So many of the places I visit, from local to far-flung, have some sort of water element to it – lakes, oceans, rivers, canals, fountains – even rain, one of the penultimate spoilers of those perfectly planned, we’ll-never-get-to-be-here-again travel experiences.

Knowing that it will likely take years before I have the time to scrap separate albums for all of my travel photos, I love that I can give some of them a little life in this album.  Here are a few layouts I’ve put together that connects some of the water inspired travel adventures I’ve had. Click here to be taken to my gallery where you will find many of these layouts.

I really like how this next set of layouts captures my overall theme of combining the past with the present – two photos of the same body of water (Lake Louise) captured first by my dad in the late 1970s and then by me over three decades later.


To keep this album visually interesting, but also fairly uniform and photo focused, I created three new products to use for this project.  You can grab all of these packs on sale for 30% off this week in my shoppe. 🙂

Still Life Collection White Wash 12×12 Album – With any daunting scrapbook project I take on, a quick album means half the work is already taken care of (yay).  This album transforms photos into a painted work of art and comes with many single and multi-photo options + plenty of white space to fill up with journaling.


Still Life Collection: 12×12 Color Painted Overlays Set 2 – a splash of color to instantly unify the photo and the page.


Still Life Collection: Some Assembly Required 12×12 Overlays – This element pack gives you the flexibility to add paint, splatters, pencil doodles and paper textures in a variety of combinations to enhance your photos and layouts.


Over this year I will be returning to this blog with updates on the progress of my album.  While this project is not an official challenge,  I hope that many of you will be motivated to find a word that is meaningful to you – a word that connects a group of photos and memories from the present or past (or both) that will inspire you to create a layout series, an album or any other project this year. 🙂


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