Digiscrap Parade: Tranquility



A very special welcome to everyone who is visiting from the Digiscrap Parade!

This month I’m giving away Sketchbook Tranquility – an art themed mini kit that is the newest addition to my Sketchbook Collection (link to the freebie is at the bottom of this post).


Sketchbook is a collection of products inspired by the artist’s sketchpad and the explorer’s field journal – click here to see the entire Sketchbook collection in my shoppe!

JBriseboisSketchbook600You can see some of the layouts I’ve made with the Sketchbook Collection in my gallery here.

From My England & Wales Album:


From my Canada 150 Album:



Be sure to “like” my Facebook Page for updates, new products, freebies and other exciting news including an extra special Autumn challenge as I continue to celebrate 10 years as a digital scrapbook designer!

Now onto the freebie! 🙂

Grab the Sketchbook Tranquility freebie here!

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Next Stop: Little Bit Shoppe

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45 thoughts on “Digiscrap Parade: Tranquility

  1. grannymike says:

    Joanne, thank you so much for so graciously sharing this beautiful sketchbook with us. It is so lovely, and it is perfect for scrappers like me who are design-challenged and also like simple layouts. Score one for me!


  2. marimar23@yahoo.com says:

    So unfair of you to bring us to your store. You should have left the link here. Anyway, I won’t be needing your template so thanks but no thanks.


    • Joanne Brisebois Designs says:

      I’m confused. While this Mini Kit is hosted in my store, the link is a DIRECT DOWNLOAD on my store page. This means anyone and everyone can download the freebie right off the store page WITHOUT signing in, up or even adding it to a cart. It is one single, additional click to go from this Blog Page to my store where I can offer unlimited downloads, quickly and easily, for the entire duration of the Parade to everyone interested. Of course, freebies are always meant to be optional and no one is under any obligation to download any of these.


      • Molly says:

        Well my goodness, you just can’t please everyone can you??? I love your reply .. very restrained 🙂 Thank you so much for your contribution .. I so look forward to this blog hop!! I appreciate you sharing so generously!


      • Joanne Brisebois Designs says:

        Thank you so much, Molly! Fortunately for all of us the vast majority of our community is considerate enough to either accept or decline a free product in a respectful and gracious manner. For everyone who takes the time to leave a thank you – I really do appreciate it! 🙂


  3. Grambie/Shirl says:

    The sketchbook is beyond gorgeous and so adaptable. Love the softness of your designs. I really miss your design visits at Digitalscrappers since the change toward teaching in total. The good thing is we can use any kit in our monthly lessons. Thanks for your continued kindness. Hugs, 🙂


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